The Wellness Lounge 

What is it?

An online business networking meeting every 2 weeks.


We warmly invite you to come and join us where you can make valuable connections, get inspired and be part of a supportive community regardless of what your business is.

It’s a great place to connect with like-minded professionals and communicate what you do and why, as well as a place to develop quality relationships.

Its also a great place to get advice and explore ways to collaborate, as well as improve your own health and well-being.

Who else do you know who this would be of interest to?

Please invite them to attend The Wellness Lounge meetings to help us to grow this friendly and supportive group.

How does it work?
Stella James has designed The Wellness Lounge to be the perfect breakfast perk-me-up for your week.

Each meeting begins at 8 am finishing by 9.30 am.

The format for the meeting:
Introductions. Each person has 60 secs to introduce themselves and their business, including the type of referrals they are looking for.
In the Limelight. A 15-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions/discussion.
Getting to Know You.  3 x 1:1 chats with other attendees - the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and build meaningful relationships
Suggestion Box. An opportunity to let us know what you liked about the meeting and make suggestions in relation to what you would like to see featured in future meetings. 

The Wellness Lounge 

Every 2 weeks - beginning 5th January 2021

Tuesday 8 - 9.30 am

Cost per meeting

£5 inc. VAT  

No membership fee