Speakers Schedule


~ 19th January ~

Mihaela Nica - Gallup Strengths Coach - Understanding and building on your top 5 strengths or talents.

~ 2nd February ~

Sara Giller - The Money Educator 

Our Fifth body that people have forgotten exits - the Financial Body.  What is the financial body and how does it affect our wellbeing?

~ 16th February ~

Annette Earl - End of Life Planner

Practical End of Life Planning - 12 Steps to a Better Tomorrow, Today

~ 2nd March ~

Kate Wilkinson

The Connection between Mindset & Routine. The importance of having a morning routine & positive mindset and the connection between the two.

~ 16th March ~

Gabriela Lerner -Nutritionist


~ 30th March ~

Sarah Alder - Kitchen Titbits


~ 13th April ~ 

Fenella Hemus - Above Beyond Coaching

Raising your Resilience Quotient - for better business results and balance in life.

~ 27th April ~ 

Trudi Wagner - Menopausal Retreats Ltd

Why feel anything less than 100%?

Learn how to reset your microbiome, why its important and the impact on your long-term health and wellbeing.

~11th May ~

Gillian Clancy 

Have you lost your Va Va voom? Discover if B12 is the answer to help you restore it

~25th May ~

Sarah Alder - Kitchen Titbits

Take the stress out of organising your daily menus and make meal planning a pleasure.

~8th June~

Helen Llewellyn

How martial arts can decrease your stress. 

My journey from stressed business owner to martial arts instructor.